SeaDek Floorboard

One Product, Endless Possibilities

While SeaDek is an excellent addition, practicality-wise, we also know that our customers like to customize their boats to their taste.
We are always looking for ways to innovate, to help our customers make their boats more reflective of themselves.
From our wide range of colours to our high-end options like personalized graphics (e.g. custom patterns: compasses, rudders, even cat paw prints, and more) combined with designer laser patterning, the possibilities are truly endless!

Our Floorboard Colour Options

Of the 52 colours available, we have selected the most popular in 5 mm (1 colour) and 6 mm (2 colours).

5 MM Thick With 1 Colour And Texture

Embossed White

Embossed Black
Brushed Mocha
Brushed Black
Storm Gray – Heavy Duty

6 MM Thick With 2 Colours – Top/Bottom

Mocha / Beach Sand
Mocha / Black
Mocha / Camel
Mocha / Cool Gray
Mocha / Storm Gray
Ruby Red / Black
Ruby Red / Cool Gray
Ruby Red / Storm Gray
Storm Gray / Aqua Camo
Storm Gray / Bimini Blue
Storm Gray / Black

Storm Gray / Cool Grey

Storm Gray / Dark Gray

Storm Gray / Island Green
Storm Gray / Ruby Red

Storm Gray / Orange

Storm Gray / Yellow
Terra / Black
Terra / Beach Sand

Terra / Chocolate

Black / Ruby Red

Black / Storm Gray
Black / Bimini Blue

Black / Island Green

Black / Orange

Black / Yellow

Black / Cool Gray

Black / Mocha
Brown / Black
Brown / Camel

Brown / Storm Gray

Cappuccino / Beach Sand

Cappuccino / Black

Cappuccino / White

Chocolate / Black

Dark Gray / Bimini Blue

Dark Gray / Black

Dark Gray / Cool Gray
Dark Gray / Ruby Red
Dark Gray / Storm Gray

Texture Options

SeaDek offers two textures, brushed or embossed, both of which are available in several different colours.


Thickness Options

Most of the colours are available in a variety of thicknesses. You can opt for a single colour or a combination of any two colours laminated together. Teak patterns can be added to any two- or three-colour combination via routing, using the CNC (computer numerical control) equipment at our plant.
Below is a list of all thickness options and their uses.

Our Most Popular Thicknesses

5 MM (0,20 IN): Single Colour, Provides Traction With Moderate Cushioning.
6 MM (0,24 IN): Our Two-Tone Thickness Is The Most Popular, Offers Excellent Balance Between Grip And Comfort.

9 MM (0,35 IN): Three-Colour Thickness On Special Order, Perfect For Projects Where You Want Additional Customization.

Also Available on Special Order:

  • 3 mm (0.12 in): Single colour. Provides traction with minimal cushioning.
  • 10 mm (0.39 in): Monochrome or two-tone. Most frequently used in a double layer to make coaming bolsters.
  • 13 mm (.51 in): Two-tone. Ideal for helm pads or cooler tops.
  • 20 mm (0.79 in): Monochrome or two-tone. Maximum comfort for helm pads, coolers, and coaming bolsters. Also available in dual density for advanced comfort (only in Black, Storm Gray, or White as the bottom colour).
  • 23 mm (0.91 in): Our thickest material. Commonly used for two-colour coaming bolsters.

Floorboard Design Options

The CNC equipment at SeaDek’s plant creates a bevelled edge on all finished products for an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Their machines can also be set to remove the top layer of any two-colour SeaDek product (6 mm thickness) to expose the bottom colour and create almost any design desired. Logos can also be routed into SeaDek products, but there are some limitations due to minimum size requirements.

Contact us for details, the exclusive SeaDek supplier for North Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

Our Most Popular Designs

Pinline Style

The Shining
The Honeycomb
The Fractal
The Diamond
Wide Tek
Regular Tek

Logo Options

Thanks to our CNC routing and laser equipment, we can make nearly any logo design.

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