Boat Mechanic Vancouver

Watertight Boatworks is a boat repair shop specializing in fiberglass boat repairs. Our shop is conveniently located just off the North Vancouver Harbor. We service yachts, ski boats, wakeboard boats, fishing boats, RV boats, and other watercraft and floating vehicles.

Types of Services:

  • Coating
  • Painting, Buffing (polishing)
  • Waxing

At Watertight Boatworks, we believe in doing everything by the book. Behind every repair job are dozens of small tools and pieces of equipment. We follow the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations to a tee. This allows us to stand by the manufacturer’s warranty, which protects both us and you. We pride ourselves on only using the best available tools and materials for your watercraft.

Timely Repairs

One of the most common problems with yacht repair services is that clients really have no idea of the status of their repairs. Your yacht could go days without attention or progress. At Watertight Boatworks, we believe in precise timelines and hard deadlines. We won’t keep your boat one more day than necessary. When we start work on your watercraft/floating vehicle, you will know exactly what to expect and when. Each project timeline will be clearly outlined, and we won’t leave your job to work on something else. When we start, we stay on the job until it’s finished. This means no delays, no drawn-out deadlines, and no costly surprises.

Rainman Fresh Watermakers

The Rainman desalinator works by reverse osmosis, where high pressure is used to force water through a membrane, leaving pure water on one side, and salty water on the other.

It’s a bit like forcing water through a filter, except with reverse osmosis the pure water is forced through the membrane on a molecular level.

Seawater reverse osmosis takes a lot of pressure- about 800 PSI or 55 Bar. That’s about the pressure you’d find half a kilometre beneath the sea.

In the Rainman desalinator, a Honda engine or electric motor drives a Jabsco impeller pump and a General Pump high-pressure plunger pump. If the setup reminds you of a high-powered pressure washer, it’s because it is similar. Honda engines and General Pump Piston Pumps are the workhorses of the commercial pressure washing industry.

Year-Round Service

At Watertight Boatworks, we believe that your spring/summer/autumn day on the lake should be smooth sailing and we work hard to maintain all our client’s water vehicles. We also provide upkeep of your water vehicles during colder months when you might not be enjoying those days on the lake quite as much. The professionals at Watertight Boatworks recognize the investment you put in your yachts, ski boats, fishing boats, and RV boats, and we have the experience and tools to keep your watercraft running the way they should – all year long.

Quality Parts

Watertight Boatworks has hundreds of boating equipment and accessories items in stock and access to thousands more. We are truly a one-stop boat repair shop for all your boating needs. Where else can you find all major marine engines and parts plus systems like thrusters, steering, air conditioning, charging, plumbing and electrical? If you require pricing for parts, new equipment, or repairs, please contact us with as much information as you can. The make, model, size, and year of your boat/engine parts will help us find you exactly what you need.

Experienced Repairmen and Labour

The experts at Watertight Boatworks will not only help you maintain the exteriors of your yachts, ski boats, wakeboard boats, fishing boats, and RV boats with professional detailing, but we’ll also repair any internal damage that may have been caused by harsh weather or wear and tear. Our team consists of professional technicians with years of watercraft and floating vehicle repair experience. Our certified technicians are experienced with all manner of engine and watercraft equipment.  If you can name a brand-name part, we’ve worked with it.

If you require collision damage repairs, refurbishment, or restoration, you’re in the right place, because Watertight Boatworks is an experienced repair centre. So whether you’re looking for a specific part, some minor boat/yacht maintenance, or a full winterproofing, Watertight Boatworks is your one-stop shop for all things boat repair.