Rainman Water Maker System Support

Troubleshooting FAQ

The majority of the time, customers have little to no problems with their Rainman watermaker system. Though infrequently, customers may have small issues. Compiled on this page is a collection of the most frequent questions received regarding operation of the Rainman system along with solutions.

Installation Guidelines

There are two main ways of using the Rainman system, the first is to keep it portable. The second is to permanently install it on your vessel. However you plan on using it, following installation and functional guidelines outlined by the user guide is essential to maintaining the valuable two year warranty. Visit the official Rainman website for more information and installation guidelines.

Manuals & Downloads

Each Rainman system comes with a printed manual specific to your unique system. Manuals contain valuable information and are essential to safely and optimally operating any Rainman system. Visit the official Rainman website in case you have lost the printed copy and for all updated manual information.

Warranty Information

Both the Pressure supply unit and RO membrane units are functionally covered for two full years past shipment date. If your equipment is defective or malfunctions within the two years, replacement costs will be covered.