LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light

$679.00 – $1,179.00

Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light

A high-quality heavy-duty Dock Light that can be easily moved to a new location at any time.  The bright high-intensity Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light was created for the dock owners that want to dramatically illuminate the water.  Engineered to be extremely rugged and reliable, this unit provides incredible light output in a compact, cost-effective package.  All of the electronics are integrated into the watertight housings.

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    The Dock Light can be purchased with one or two light housings.  The two light pipe works great for a 2 berth well, shining on each vessel.

    Package includes:

    • 1 or 2 LED Sea-Vue™ Lights
    • 3′ 6″ Stick with mounting
    • Control Box with photocell
    • 110v or 220v reduced to 15v

    Have questions or looking for a custom setup, give us a hail.  Made in Michigan . . .  Sold Globally!

    Warning:  The light output of the Sea-Vue is only for the serious-minded.

    Please send us pictures once you have your new lights installed.