Rainman Desalination Warranty

Both the Pressure supply unit and RO membrane units are functionally covered for two full years past shipment date. If your equipment is defective or malfunctions within the two years, replacement costs will be covered.

As the purchaser, it will be your responsibility to cover shipping costs associated with sending back the defective equipment. Our team of experts will inspect and replace necessary components as we see fit.

If the equipment was misused or the use falls outside of outlined uses in the user manual, the existing two year warranty will be completely voided.

Warranty exclusions include the following products:

  • Pre-filter cartridges
  • Lift pump impeller
  • High-pressure pump oil
  • High-pressure pump packings
  • Engine lubricant

Warranty as it relates to the engine in Rainman pressure supply should be taken to a local Honda dealer. The engine of the Rainman pressure supply is a honda manufactured engine and comes with a 3 year warranty from Honda.

Rainman does not claim responsibility and cannot be held liable for damages related to the failure of the system to perform.